kill1 [ kıl ] verb ***
1. ) intransitive or transitive to make a person or other living thing die:
Each year thousands of people are killed and injured on the roads.
Many people believe that killing animals for sport is morally wrong.
Speed kills.
a ) kill yourself to make yourself die:
He tried to kill himself with an overdose of drugs.
2. ) transitive to stop something from continuing:
The group effectively killed speculation that a merger was about to take place.
a ) to stop pain:
The nurse will give you something to kill the pain.
b ) a remark that kills a conversation makes people stop talking:
Jack can really kill a conversation with his ideas on politics.
c ) INFORMAL to decide not to publish or broadcast a news story
d ) INFORMAL to switch lights off:
Can you kill the lights?
3. ) transitive always progressive INFORMAL if part of your body is killing you, it is causing you a lot of pain:
My back's killing me.
a ) transitive to make you feel very tired:
Those stairs kill me every time!
b ) kill yourself to work too hard, and make yourself very tired:
She killed herself to get that project finished on time.
4. ) transitive to spend time doing a particular activity while you are waiting for something:
We killed a few hours watching reruns.
kill time: Shopping can be a good way to kill time at the airport.
if it kills you INFORMAL
used for emphasizing that you will do something even if it is extremely difficult:
I'm going to pass this test if it kills me.
I'll kill him/her/them SPOKEN
used for saying that you are very angry with someone:
Wait until I get my hands on him! I'll kill him.
kill or cure
an action you take that will either destroy something or save it completely
kill two birds with one stone
to achieve two goals with one action
kill yourself laughing INFORMAL
to laugh a lot
something won't kill someone INFORMAL
used for saying that something is not as difficult or unpleasant as it seems:
A little hard work won't kill you.
,kill `off phrasal verb transitive
to destroy living things so that most or all of them are dead:
Antibiotics may kill off beneficial bacteria.
a. to make something stop or fail completely:
In an unexpected action, the corporation announced that it would kill off its two least productive subsidiaries.
kill 2 [ kıl ] noun count usually singular
an act in which a hunted animal is killed:
the excitement of the kill
We found a pile of feathers some animal must have made a kill.
a. an animal that has been killed, especially for food
be in at the kill
to watch someone or something being killed or defeated
move/close/go in for the kill
to prepare to destroy or defeat someone or something

Usage of the words and phrases in modern English. 2013.

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